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canchas. spontaneous soccer fields.

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WC.10 - The Canchas Competition 2010

Canchas and the World Cup 2010

The main Canchas project for 2010 is an international and dynamic competition of pictures&stories of spontaneous soccer fields. It will be accompanied with a series of exhibitions, postcard activities and presentations of Canchas visuals all around the world. Below you will find latest news on all activities, partners and the venues and dates of our events.

Participate at WC.10

From April 12th until July 12th pictures/stories can be submitted at the Canchas website. The topic is "spontaneous soccer fields and their human side" (see gallery for samples). The project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency in co-operation with the "Ke Nako" network.

How to submit your pictures/stories?

Option 1: Send us an email at
with the picture, the location (city/place, country) and a small write-up. Please add "I agree that this picture can be used to accompany Canchas activities and be published in media. The author shall be mentioned wherever possible."

Option 2: Register at canchas.org and submit your picture/s yourself
This way you can edit all material, update it, add stories lateron and also get in touch with other Canchas scouts (if wanted).

Main Competition
  • BEST PICTURE/STORY - 600 Euro lumpsum award for the winner
  • 2nd Prize - 200 Euro lumpsum award
  • A series of non-cash prizes are available for the runner-ups.

Special Awards (SA)
  • SA 1) New African country - special prices for each new African country
  • SA 2) Cancha of the Month - special prize for the best Cancha
  • SA 3) Austrian Cancha - special prize for the best Austrian Cancha with focus on canchas of famous Austrians

The Jury members are: Daniel Shaked (Photographer based in Vienna, Austria), Santiago Bardotti (Journalist, based in Italy and Argentina), Gaston Silberman (Art Director/Designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Andreas Daniel Matt (Creative Director, based in Cologne, Germany).

Main Partners

Ke Nako
Kap Transmissions

Media Partners and Announcements

Maneno Blog

Exhibitions and Installations 2010

Canchas exhibitions are held on public spots and in cultural centers in various cities. The pictures will be presented in big scales of 2-3m width.

Venues and Dates

Cologne: Art Installation "The true protagonists of the world cup" at Kunstraum HOI, Luxemburgerstr. 251, Cologne (Fr, Sa and Su 15:30 to 22:30).
Vienna: Ottakring U3 Endstation: 14.6.2010 - 19.6.2010

Vienna: Strandbar Hermann: 11.6. - 11.7.2010, 11:30 - 02:00

Vienna, Austria: Augarten / Bunkerei, 27.6. - 30.6.2010

Innsbruck: Martkplatz Innsbruck: 11.6. - 11.7.2010

Czech Republic:
Prague: Day for Africa - 5th June - Sokol Praha, Kralovske Vinohrady
Most: Most Day for Africa - 9th June - stadium FK Banik Most
Policka: Policka Day for Africa - 12th June from 3pm - FK Masokombinat Policka
Olomouc: Olomouc Day for Africka - 22nd June from 1pm - Olomouc, main square
Olomouc football tournament - 20th June from 9am - Olomouc, Slavonín

Canchas Visuals 2010

A multi media show with hundreds of canchas from all over the world to create the necessary world cup atmoshphere for parties and public viewings. Have a look at the visuals in this preview.

Venues and Dates

Munich, Germany: 24.6.2010: Muffatwerk, 18.20 bis 18.50 Uhr.
Jerusalem, Israel: 23.6.2010, Red Lounge in the Willy Brandt Center Jerusalem, 22 Ein Rogel St., Jerusalem (Abu Tor)
Munich, Germany: 19.6.2010 from 9:30 am onwards at the Munich City Company Championship 2010.
Munich, Germany: 18.6.2010: Das Einstein
Innsbruck, Austria: Martkplatz: 11.6. - 11.7.2010
Köln, Germany: Ehrenfeld Bahnhof

Postcards and Stickers 2010

Postcards and Canchas Stickers to complete any Panini sticker album are available at the various venues of Canchas actions and through our sticker partner 90minuten.at.

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